We make the fastest payments in the industry. For every sale you make, you get paid within the next 7-14 business days. You decide the price of your products and we charge you a small fee on the successful orders you make.

Our commission consists of following components. They are:
  • Platform Fee: A fixed % of sale value will be charged. It varies with category.
  • Shipping & Handling Fee: A fixed % of sale value will be charged and it varies with category. Only Payment Gateway Fee of 2% will be charged if you are shipping on your own.
  • Marketing Fee:A fixed % of sale value. It varies based on the category
  • Service Tax:15% and it is applicable over the above components.

Here’s an easy example, which illustrates a sample the above calculation:

Selling Price 1000
Commission Fee 100 (assuming 10%)
Shipping Fee 30
Collection Fee (2.5 % on the Order item value) 25
Fixed Fee 30
Total Marketplace Fee 185
Service Tax (15% of Marketplace Fee) 27.75
Total deductions 212.75
Settlement Value 787.25



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